My Perfect Insanity Pittsburgh

How can it even be
Possible to miss someone
So much your heart aches

// Hanging On//

I am hanging on, to this dream of mine. Every second of every day the dream occupies my mind, body and soul. A dream, yes, that is just what it is, just a dream. An abstract fantasy of a hopeful elegant wish. To become true is to no longer be a dream, and to no longer be a dream, then you will no longer need to wish for it to come true. But every inch of me would give my all, to bring this dream from the realm of fantasy into the living world of mortality. Not even a dream may last forever, dying out with the dreamers. This dream, as imporbably as it truly is, iis the only dream that keeps this heart going, the motivation to press forward, and the happiness that allows life to be enjoyed. All from a dream.. That I am barely hanging onto.

// I am so tired//

Exhausted, only halfway through the week,
Burnt out, my legs could buckle beneath my knees.
How can I go on like this,
So stressed from life’s countless, many needs.

Tired, as it’s half past midnight,
A new day ready to dawn,
Yet all motivation, joy, and happiness
Seems to have packed their bags for the are up and gone.

This darkened sky resembling
This home full of darkness, an endless abyss,
How can one feel alive,
When he lives his life only to exist.


Your hips had
that tango language
as they swayed
between lives.
They perfectly
curved into the
core of my life,
and I rested my
palms on each side;
I invited you into
the way I believed
your eyes to be
a gift from oceans.
You, those hips,
those content stares,
that certain tone of voice,
were the life I

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Stop spending all of your time
Worrying about the future;
And spend some time
Making it

Cause you’re all I want
You’re all I need
You’re everything,
Oh, everything.

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// Rose//

Have you ever seen a flower die?
Watching the petals fall, one by one
And wither away like aging life.
Have you ever seen the loss of beauty?
The lovely sight and smells
Once emitted from a masterpiece of art,
Now gone and lost to the history of memory.
Have you ever seen a flower die?
And felt the sadness from lack of joy
The flower once brought to your heart,
Making your eyes brighten with happiness.
Have you ever seen a flower die?
It’s like watching a star fall out of the sky.

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